Euro Body Shaper Pro Plus Series

The Euro Body Shaper Pro Plus Series is the hottest and latest technology in fitness. It is proving to be one of the most beneficial pieces of fitness equipment that gives you many positive results. The Euro Body Shaper Pro Plus Series gives your body powerful stimulation call it the perfect "all in one" machine. The Euro Body Shaper Pro Plus Series is a massager/vibrator.

Triple Plane Vibration: Has a suspended base which vibrates in three directions. This triple plane motion has been designed specifically with the human body in mind to create an efficient motion perfectly suited to all vibration training exercises.

High Power Twin Motors: The Euro Body Shaper Pro Plus has two power and three frequency settings to control 2 incredibly powerful AC motors.

The Euro Body Shaper Pro Plus will deliver outstanding results whether the intention is to lose weight, tone muscle, gain strength or improve core stability.

This is a new novel vibration. Having a unique ergonomic design and easy to operate control panel with LCD display screen. Not only does it have two built in motors, but also it has two different kinds of vibration. One is vertical vibration and the other is spiral vibration mode. Vertical vibration provides whole body vibration from feet to head. Spiral vibration provides lower leg vibration. With 5 built in programs for cardiovascular exercise, detoxifying, body perfection, feet and lower leg massage. Two vibration modes meet the needs of professional or home use.

It provides relaxation to your whole body, this Euro Body Shaper Pro Plus Series does not only provide ultimate relaxation but also generates vibration in the plate base that goes directly through your whole body.

Vibration exercise fitness has been on the rise for the past 10 years, but in the last 2 years it has had explosive growth of over 300%. More professional sports athletes and celebrities have adopted the whole body vibration workout in to their regular daily routines. This has helped to publicize the many positive effects that the Euro Body Shaper Pro Plus Series has on all types and ages of people. Men and women, old and young, thin and large have embraced whole body vibration and had amazing positive results.

Many of the baby boomer generation are becoming vibration exercise fitness regulars to increase their muscle strength and flexibility Many retirement homes have put machines into their common area gyms where they are introduced to the new technology. The technology is so simple at first glance it seems silly, but after a short introduction to it people catch on very quickly. Once you get on vibration exercise machine, you are hooked. The easiest way to understand the machine is to get on one for 10 minutes. You can feel it working right away, even more the next day. Most that have not worked out in a while will be a little sore, but in a good way, knowing that they have had a good overall workout with vibration exercise fitness.

It is very nice to get your workout done in 10 minutes while you watch TV or just relax at home. It has been found that most people do not stick to their fitness routine due to lack of time or inconvenience. Having a Euro Body Shaper Pro Plus Series right at home for easy access eliminates these problems. Other workout failures happen because people do not like to do traditional workouts, and lose interest in a few short weeks. This is why the gyms are so busy in January and by March they are empty! Vibration exercise fitness is fun and easy. No more, I donít feel like it. But I WANT to do it because it makes me feel great!